Conference registration fee goes up $50.00 on November 17.  Register by the 16th and save.  Remember you can register online at: http://www.alaskapublichealth.org/summit.shtml


*There have been a few changes to the program lineup and we will be updating that information shortly. The 2009 Health Summit brochure is still posted at: http://www.alaskapublichealth.org/tracks.shtml. If you would like an individual electronic copy or additional questions, please send a request to: alaskahealthsummit@gmail.com.

At http://www.alaskapublichealth.org/summit.shtml you will also find individual links to the round table discussions, poster sessions and postsummits.  These lists are updated on a regular basis as more information is received. Preliminary information is already posted.

Sincerely, Information Insights Conference Support Team: Brenda Holden, Barb Branton, Jessica Holden, Nancy Lowe, Susan Pruitt.

Fax 907.450.2470

The Alaska Health Summit is one of many efforts of the Alaska Public Health Association to promote the advancement of public health, to promote improved health and quality of life for Alaskans. Go to http://www.alaskapublichealth.org/ for more information.

[Source: ALPHA press release]

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