December 3 & 4, 2009 (Thursday & Friday) 8:30am-4:30pm

Ready & Able: Independence, Employment and Disability Benefit Programs

DECEMBER 3 – Programs for Independence (Programs to Assist People with Disabilities)

DECEMBER 4 – Employment and Disability Benefits (How Employment Impacts Public Benefits)

General Description: This is a 2 day event where folks can learn about programs, meet specialists, network, share information, access new resources and get some training in target areas that impact the lives of beneficiaries.

GOAL of this event: To provide a casual atmosphere where participants will have opportunities to learn how they can improve their services for people who receive social security disability benefits and who want to transition into self sufficiency, gain employment while managing public benefits and explore how to be successful in these areas.

More information on:

REGISTRATION INFO: (last day to register: Dec.1)

Target Audience: Service Providers, Counselors, Case Managers, Program Coordinators, Employment Specialists, Educators, Support Team Members

Location: Hope Learning Center – 570 W. 53rd – Anchorage – Seating for 100 – $25 for both days, includes luncheon events

Day I Programs for Independence = is designed to alert direct service workers (& those in supervisory rolls) to new programs, changes in programs, and what is currently available to better assist their consumers who receive disability benefits. Providing greater independence will be the emphasis of the day, Lunch will address independent living programs, with the last time slot hosting a panel of experts to provide advisement and skill development for the best practices of job coaching.

Day II Employment and Disability Benefits = is designed to offer specific class information on employment issues and what information is needed to better support beneficiaries with employment goals to include information on assisting transition aged youth. The lunch will include special guest speaker, Mona McAleese who will facilitate an Employer’s Forum to talk about what are the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities. The day will end with a panel of experts to provide tips on alternative employment strategies to help beneficiaries return to the workforce while managing their disabilities.

Any questions, give me a call:

Josetta A. Cranston,

Certified CWIC/WIPA Project,
Employment Services Coordinator

UAA – Center for Human Development
2702 Gambell Street, #103
Anchorage, Alaska 99503-2836

Direct Phone Line (907) 264-6228
CHD (907) 272-8270
Toll Free 800-243-2199
Business Fax (907) 264-6203

Ready and Able FLYER.pdf


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