Stimulating Alaskan Health

Does Federal health funding do the job?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12 Noon to 2 p.m.

Anchorage Legislative Conference Room

716 West 4th Avenue, Second Floor Room 220

Video Teleconference held in Juneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage.  Call for information on video locations as well as the audio statewide teleconference: 1-800-922-3875.

or visit for forum agenda.


Senator Donald Olson

Representative Sharon Cissna

Goal of the December 15 Legislative Health Caucus:

Several billion dollars come to the state each year from the Federal Government for Alaskan health services and infrastructure needs.  The December forum investigates this investment in Alaskan health, with members representing Alaska’s Congressional offices and key Federal programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, safe water, sanitation and stimulus grants.

Recent Legislative Health Caucus forums have demonstrated many health programs are found throughout state government departments.  Directors have noted the need for partnering to improve coordination in services, policy and planning and program performance and outcomes.

Listed below are health issues that past forums have delved into among the state’s departments.  Forums have shed light on the fact that federal funding silos, eligibility and reporting requirements, and conflicting regulations can make it difficult to deliver coordinated services between departments and across related programs to achieve a cost-effective, seamless service system with transparency, accountability and measurable outcomes.

Identifying Silos between State Departments that affect health outcomes:

Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development

    Local energy options that impact health outcomes

Department of Corrections

    Increase in the number and treatment needs of severely mentally ill in prisons

Department of Education and Early Education

    Health literacy and physical education need in public schools

Department of Environmental Conservation

    Safe water, environmental safety impacts on health

Department of Health and Social Services, Department of Administration & Department of Law

    Children in need of aid

Department of Labor and Workforce Development

    Health workforce development across the service sectors

Department of Public Safety

    Domestic violence and sexual assault

Department of Revenue

    Housing for the homeless

Legislative Committee/Finance Structure

    Committee structure does not often give a comprehensive view of complex issues that cut across traditional program and service boundaries. Legislative committee and finance policy outcomes can create obstacles to service coordination, quality and program performance and outcomes.

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