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The Plan is open for public comments until February 12, 2010. Don’t wait! With your help, this Plan will be a roadmap for the elimination of the health disparities that burden our nation. Read the National Plan for Action

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The National Plan for Action, which captures the status of health disparities in our country and proposes 20 strategies for their elimination, is a thoughtful and thorough collaborative effort of representatives from community, faith-based and non-profit organizations, academic institutions, foundations and Federal, State and local agencies.

The mission of the NPA is to mobilize and connect individuals and organizations across the county to create a Nation free of health disparities with quality health outcomes for all people. The NPA promotes both action and collaboration to close the gaps that exist in the healthcare system today.

Initiated by the Office of Minority Health, the National Plan for Action inspires us to move forward to implement the strategies and provides us a roadmap to make an impact in the elimination of health disparities, a costly and undue burden on our country.

Comment forms

are set up so that you may comment on individuals chapters of the report or on the report overall. Comments will not be posted at this time, but will be used for development of the final plan.

This plan will not be complete without your input. Please read individual chapters and take some time to add your voice to the thousands of concerned voices from around the United States. The plan will be available for your comment until February 12, 2010.

NPA is unique because it is a true joint campaign with private and public partners that can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our collective efforts. We have the ability to bridge the actions of Healthy People 2010 with Health People 2020 and the means to find a common definition that works for all people seeking to eliminate disparities in health.

There has been significant global attention placed on the risk factors for adverse health outcomes ‐ factors that may long predate the appearance of a disease state. Such factors are those that relate to social constructs rather than medical constructs and are fundamentally and particularly toxic to health. Well known factors include low socioeconomic status, low educational status, and inadequate access and utilization of quality health care. There are other adverse determinants of health as well. Examples include residence in geographic areas that have poor environmental conditions (e.g., violence, poor air quality, and inadequate access to healthy foods), racism, inadequate personal support systems, and limited literacy or limited English proficiency. These determinants are often associated with racial minority, ethnic minority, and underserved communities.

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