From the Universal Health Care Action Network:

Expanded health insurance coverage for young adults is one of the early successes of the Affordable Care Act. Young Invincibles, the organization known for getting the word out to young adults and their parents, has put together a downloadable Back-To-School Toolkit to help students get coverage, know their options, and stay healthy. As part of this initiative, the toolkit has state-specific resources available to download as well: Or, text “Toolkit” to 69866 to have it sent to you. A one-page flyer is available to post or send with the toolkit at:

Young Invincibles is working with lots of groups all over the country to make September 19 – 23 THE big week for campus events and social media around young adults, parents and health care education.  One of the highlights of the week will be a big social media day of action on 9/21 or 9/22 designed to really get people talking and continue the momentum.  This is a great outreach and organizing opportunity for state groups.  To get involved and help plan and/or participate in a campus event or the social media day of action in your city or state, contact:

Aaron Smith, Executive Director, Young Invincibles


Tel: 202/339.9334

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