Commonwealth North Health Care Action Coalition,

Our next meeting will be Thursday, September 29 from 7-9am in the newly constructed Health Sciences Building located at 3795 Piper St. in the WWAMI conference room located on the third floor. We will be joined by Bruce Lamoureux, Providence Hospital, Jim Jordan, Alaska State Medical Association, and Mark Foster, Mark A Foster and Associates. We will be discussing Medicaid and how we may be able to preemptively find solutions to this growing problem. The number of Alaskans on Medicaid is projected to increase while already costing the state over a billion dollars. Each of our speakers will address Medicare from their own perspective and what they see the greatest potential to tackling this issue in Alaska.

If you would like to call into this meeting the call in number will be 907-276-4900.

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Commonwealth North has been leading an effort to study, highlight, and identify challenges and opportunities in Alaska’s health care environment in order to bring informed Alaskans to the table and come to solutions that will benefit all Alaskans and ensure these complex health care issues are understood.

If you are interested in the public policy issues facing Alaska, and supporting the work Commonwealth North does to inform, involve and influence all Alaskans on public policy issues, you should to be a member of Commonwealth North. Membership information is available on our website at or call me at 258-9522

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