One year ago, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation was launched to find new ways to reduce costs and improve the quality of health care. In a new blog post, Mark Zezza, Melinda Abrams, and Stuart Guterman of The Commonwealth Fund review the Innovation Center’s performance to date and point to areas for future development. “The Innovation Center is off to a good start, but it needs to build on its momentum as it attempts to move the country toward a new health care delivery system,” the authors write.

You can also view the archive of a Nov. 30 webinar on the Innovation Center, cosponsored by The Commonwealth Fund and AcademyHealth, which looked at the Innovation Center’s priorities, explored how it can best conduct rigorous, rapid-cycle evaluation, and examined the role of health care providers in identifying and rolling out innovations.

Read More at the Commonwealth Fund

Source: Exerpted From The Commonwealth Fund 12/5/11

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